Andros Island Bahamas – Things to Do on Your Bahamas Vacation

Andros Island Bahamas is the largest archipelago within the Bahamas, covering an area larger than all of the other 700 islands combined. As a result, it is considered a single island, despite its many separate parts. To put it into perspective, it is a full island. Visiting Andros will allow you to explore the natural beauty of the Bahamas’ many unspoiled beaches and crystal clear waters. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect trip to Andros.

Andros in The Bahamas - The Largest Island in The Bahamas

Unlike many other Bahamas islands, Andros has less human population than other places. Most settlements are located on the island’s eastern side, such as Congo Town and Andros Town. On the west side, you will find the 1.5 million-acre West Side National Park, which is part of the larger Blue Holes National Park. The island also contains several marine parks, including the Crab andros island bahamas Replenishment Reserve and the North & South Marine Parks, which are protected by the Bahamas National Trust.

While you’ll find plenty of beaches and other tourist attractions on Andros Island, it’s still a true off-the-beaten-path destination. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or a significant other, this destination has the perfect mix of activities to keep everyone happy. The most memorable moments on Andros Island include starlit evenings on the beach and live music around the campfire. You can spend a romantic getaway in Andros Island, where you can spend the night away from the world.

On Andros Island, you can visit the infamous Captain Henry Morgan, who used a high point on the northern tip of the island as a hideout and observatory. Captain Morgan would watch for shipwrecks and store their treasure in a cave near the bluff. Many people believe that treasure is still buried here. You can visit the infamous cave and explore its countless treasures. Just don’t forget to take your family!

Andros is a prime diving destination for intrepid divers. It is home to the world’s third largest barrier reef, blue holes, and caves. It is also home to a host of sea turtles, dolphins, and big fish, including marlin. Andros’ waters are perfect for first-timers and experienced divers alike. This small island has so many natural attractions that it’s impossible not to visit this beautiful destination.

Birdwatching is another great activity on Andros Island. It is home to numerous species of birds. The Bahama Oriole is one of the most endangered species on the island. Research is ongoing to determine its population, which is estimated at 600 individuals. During your trip, you’ll be amazed at how diverse the island is. The Bahama Oriole is a species found only on Andros Island. The wild orchid is one of the most beautiful plants on Andros, and the pines are the tallest in the Bahamas.

The prettiest settlement on Andros is Nicholls Town. Nestled in a palm grove, it faces the Tongue of the Ocean. The ruins of the former hotel are surrounded by Norfolk Island pines. You can also visit the old cemetery, where there are no tourists. Andros Island is a great place for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s also home to the Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Centre (AUTEC) and a factory which produces beautiful locally designed batik.

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