Google Chrome

So which is the browser you’re currently viewing this web page on? Firefox? Internet Explorer? Google Chrome or something else? If it’s Google Chrome you’re probably one of the many Internet users who prefer this browser over other web browsers.

Google Chrome was first developed in 2008 and was only released for Microsoft Windows. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or “chrome”, of web browsers. Later Google released a large portion of the source code as open source format under project name Chromium, enabling coders to work and research the code thus expanding the browser to Mac and Linux operating systems. The Google Chromium project is also different from the Google Chrome project in terms of it’s logo design. The built in PDF reader which Google Chrome provides is also not available with the Chromium project.

Even though the chrome was first released only for Microsoft platforms, it quickly gained a following in the market. This popularity may be attributed to the clean interface it provides to the users while browsing the Internet. The user Buy Google Reviews interface of the web browser is an important factor in selecting the browser to be used. A clean and spacious browser provides the users no distractions while browsing. The last thing a user wants is browsing the web pages in a cramped window. That’s where the browser has gained it’s audience.

Even though measuring browser usage can sometimes be misleading however a general accuracy can be formulated in the case of the users of a web browser. Internet Explorer forms the highest used web browser being used across the world behind which comes Firefox. Even though Google Chrome comes 3rd, that’s because it’s relatively new compared to others.

Google was reluctant on building an independent browser for Google in the initial years, however the developers of Google anyway went ahead with it to show the management it’s capability. Once the browser was developed, it was showcased to the management and that’s when the idea of the browser came alive. With innovation and off beat thinking they were able to develop a browser which provided maximum space for your browsing information to be showcased. It’s simple handling also is one of it’s bonus points. The browsing experience in Google Chrome is much easier and more neater.

Speed of the browser is the next thing people look for while selecting one. And Google Chrome has shown excellent speed in retrieving of web pages for it’s users. In it’s communication with Google pages Google has shown to be using the SPDY protocol instead of the normal HTTPS. Eventually SPDY is designed to replace the HTTPS protocol for faster communications among the web pages.

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