Marine Security Guard Basics

There are many different types of security guards in the work force today, but one of the most important and influential among these types of guards is the marine security guard. These guards are subjected to some of the most difficult jobs but are also paid far better than typical security guards. A marine security guard cannot be an ordinary civilian chauffeuring companies in London. In order to be a guard in the Marines you must be a part of the United States Marine Corps. Almost every Marine is eligible to apply to become a guard although the numbers taken are limited.

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MSG’s are responsible for guarding and providing security to over 125 different U.S. embassies and consulate offices around the world. A guard is mostly stationed within these buildings and is responsible for the security of the building’s interior such as lobbies, entrances, and exits. In high states of security or terrorist threat conditions guards are trained and prepared to react to any emergency such as fires, riots, bomb scares, evacuations, flood, and natural disaster regardless of the location on the site that they are working at.

Training provided to MSG’s is some of the most vigorous and intense training that one can ever have. Guard training goes on six days a week for the entire course schedule. The training you would receive at guard school is extremely specialized and due to toughness of this training, the washout rate is quite high.. The failure rate of marines in school hangs around 30% to 35% so one can imagine how difficult it would be to complete this training given the fact that 1 out of 3 people does not complete the course successfully.

Some of the areas that will be covered during training will be about the use of weapons, protection against various invader attacks, self-defense techniques, an extensive knowledge of terrorist organizations and hierarchies, and multiple methods to protect the staff of embassies and consulates from possible emergencies or attacks.

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